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Finding Substance Abuse Treatment in Virginia

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Perhaps you’re on the lookout for substance abuse treatment in Virginia, or just curious about what it involves. If so, there’s a lot to consider. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at this important topic so that you can make a more informed decision about addressing addiction. To learn more about substance abuse treatment in Virginia, call 888.596.6514 today.

Virginia and Substance Abuse

First off, it’s no secret that substance abuse is a significant issue affecting many lives, not just in Virginia but across the globe. In Virginia, the need for effective substance abuse treatment is particularly pressing.

According to a report by the Virginia Department of Health, the state has seen a troubling increase in opioid overdose deaths, among other substance abuse problems.1 This data underscores the urgent need for accessible and effective treatment options.

What Is Substance Abuse Treatment?

So, what happens in substance abuse treatment in Virginia? Well, treatment is a multi-faceted process, designed to help individuals overcome addiction and lead a healthier, sober life. It often begins with detoxification, followed by therapy and support groups to address the psychological aspects of addiction.

Therapies typically include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This evidence-based approach helps individuals recognize and then change destructive thought patterns and behaviors related to substance use.
  • Motivational interviewing – A technique that enhances an individual’s motivation toward recovery by resolving ambivalence.
  • Family therapy – Addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it affects families, too. This therapy includes family members in the recovery process, helping to heal relationships and provide support.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment

The benefits of engaging in substance abuse treatment are immense, not just for the individual but for their loved ones and society at large. Here are just a few:

  • Improved health – Substance abuse takes a toll on physical health. Treatment can reverse or mitigate some of these effects, leading to a healthier life.
  • Better relationships – Addiction strains relationships. Recovery can help rebuild trust and improve communication with loved ones.
  • Increased productivity – Without the burden of addiction, individuals often find they can focus better and contribute more positively at work or school.
  • Reduced legal issues – Many facing addiction also face legal problems related to their substance use. Recovery can help reduce or eliminate these issues.
  • Enhanced self-esteem – Overcoming addiction is a significant achievement that can boost confidence and self-worth.

Compassionate, personalized care in Virginia is available from Sobrius in Galax, Virginia. Sobrius is a place where the journey to sobriety is nurtured with care, expertise, and a deep understanding of the healing process.

Sobrius isn’t just a name. In fact, it’s a promise of sobriety, clarity, and a renewed lease on life. Our mission is to guide individuals toward a life free from the grips of addiction, focusing on health, clarity, and fulfillment.

Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment

At Sobrius, we understand that the path to recovery is as unique as the individuals we serve. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans that can meet the specific needs and circumstances of each person. Our programs include a variety of addiction treatment and therapy programs, such as:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family support programs
  • CBT and other evidence-based therapies
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention planning

We believe in using approaches backed by solid evidence, ensuring that our clients have the best foundation for long-term recovery.

Get the Help You Need From Sobrius

Are you or a loved one struggling with substance abuse? If so, know that there’s hope. Sobrius is here to support you every step of the way toward a brighter, substance-free future. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take that first crucial step toward recovery.

Call us today at 888.596.6514 or use our online contact form. Let’s embark on this journey together, toward a life filled with more joy, health, and sobriety.

1. Virginia Department of Health